American Creation Inc.

American Creation Inc. is located in San Diego, California. The main business includes distance education and training, cultural exchange and event promotion, creative design, content creation and dissemination.


ACIX Live Classroom

ACIX Live Classroom – Builds an exclusive online education platform catered to you

[ACIX live classroom], is an online education platform with cutting edge live-interaction technology, skillfully selected high quality contents and products from various countries or regions, a platform that optimizes and integrates itself to utilize and promote targeted field of interest (country / region).

Online education is the trend and direction of future education development. It is not constrained by time or space, provides its learners with great convenience, and offers a wide selection of different satisfying personalized learning experiences.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange And Promotion Of Activities

Organize different types of activities such as exchange visits, branding, marketing, product launches, and more.

In the end of August 2017, mainland China’s language recitation in the field of arts hosted the largest and highest artistic level competition: the third “Cao Can Cup – Youth Recitation Competition”. American Creation Inc., the exclusive division of the US sponsor in 2017, introduced for the first time the contest to the United States, selecting San Diego and San Francisco as a pilot city. In a very short period of time, American Creation Inc. successfully organized the event promotion, registration, and competition activities. Through a rigorous selection process selected 8 finalists on behalf of the US Division to Beijing to participate in the finals; American Creation Inc. made excellent results, won a total of 4 individual awards and 6 bronze.


Creative Design

Creative Design, Content Creation And Dissemination


  • Creative implementation of the design project, serving the media, new media, advertising, public relations activities, exhibitions and other areas of targeted customers;
  • Create and distribute video presentations (including webcast) around US content themes.